Target Features and My Guarantee to You​

      Quality Material  

      Custom Designs  


    Yes I'm a feature too!

    For faceplates, I use new and recycled hard steel!

    I also use bolts with locking nylon center nuts, to allow you to set the target and forget about it!  This ensures reliable functioning.

    The pull links are solid aluminum, and won't bend as easily, as the thin steel used on the commercial targets.

    The paddles are designed for individual kill zone holes, and thicker than the commercial targets.

    The faceplates are available in various thickness, according to your request!

    NOTE I have changed to a new trigger style of target trip. I will still make the pull link style on request.

    You decide the kill zone size for your target.

    All Targets are custom designs from your request or from my mind.

    You think it, I create it!

    Add new and unusual faceplates to your stable of field targets.

    Add new interest to your FT course for the enjoyment of your club members or for backyard practice.
    You can contact me if you   
    experience a problem with

     That includes Gamo, Crosman, Remington, etc.  I can help determine the issue with your commercial targets, and offer repair if necessary.

    Of course, if an issue occurs with any of my targets simply call me.

    Look at my
    section below for more info.

    My Guarantee to You

    Since I personally manufacture and paint these targets by hand, I offer a 100% guarantee, that they will function with out fail, for 2 years
     If it fails, call, and I will see if it can be resolved over the phone. It might just be an adjustment needed.
    If not, I will take the target back, and repair or replace it free of charge.

    For the first 3 months if the target needs to be returned, I will take care of the shipping charges.  If after 3 months, then the shipping charges are totally on you, to me and back.

    If you buy one of my intricately painted targets, like my iguana, and it needs serious re-painting, no problem!  Just pay for the return shipping, and I will re-paint it free! 

    If one of my targets gets in terrible shape from painting build up or pellett hits, don't worry!
    Send it back, and I will refurbish it Free!  Just pay the shipping both ways...

    As you see, I stand behind my work.
     My target may not be as perfect as a stamped faceplate, but it is close!

    Besides, with my guarantee,
    you will only buy that target once!